Pee Dee Indian Tribe

Additionally, the tribal government works to create policies & establish programs that educate the youngest generation of Pee Dee, as well as the general public as to the resilient history & continued cultural traditions of the Pee Dee people. The tribe's chief plays a pivotal role in the tribal government's outreach efforts toward the general public.  

​The Pee Dee Indian Tribe's (PDIT) current constitution was adopted in 1976, & for more than 40 years has provided the tribal government with the ability to address some of the immense challenges faced by the Pee Dee people. The tribal government is governed by an elected tribal council.

The tribal government is tasked with enhancing the daily lives of the Pee Dee people by fostering growth in such diverse areas as education, health, socioeconomics, cultural enrichment & environmental conservation. Implementing various outreach programs aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the Pee Dee people remains the tribal government's centric focus.

Tribal Government

The tribal government's offices are located on land awarded to the tribe in Marlboro County, South Carolina.  Marlboro County has served as the the tribe's official seat of government since 1976.